About Us

Our journey began in 1977, when PT PELINDA SARANA SUKSES was established and has been recognized as one of the largest pencil manufacturers in Indonesia.


Today, PT PELINDA SARANA SUKSES is privileged to be affiliated with more than hundreds of esteemed companies around the world, and with more than 350 employees, we manufacture your family favourite pencils to encourage people’s creativity through writing, drawing, sketching and colouring.


On the other hand, PT PELINDA SARANA SUKSES is also producing pencil slat and the high-quality wooden pencils and coloured pencils under the brand name of MACS.


is currently producing for over 3.4 million gross of pencils, 2 million gross of slats, which more than 70% of the production are exported around the world and has legitimately conform the quality standard to European Safety Standard EN71 and the Labelling of Hazardous Art Materials ACT (LHAMA)

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