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Above anything else, family time is the most precious time in the entire day. In family time, children can learn a lot of things from their parent to improve their creativity. We believe that children are naturally creative, inquisitive and productive, and that they are always searching for new ways to rediscover their environment and release their own unique creativity. Because creativity make children happier and feel comfortable.

For more than 30 years we are dedicated to inspire and help people of all ages accross the globe to express their creativity through visual adaptation, helping them discover the joy of being creative. With our high-quality and innovative products, we seek to be a companion and source of inspiration for people of all ages who want to bring their own creative ideas to life. We do this out of tradition and a heart felt commitment.

Our Branding Partner

MACS Graphite Pencil

A good graphite pencil is an essential part of any artist’s supplies. These are graphite pencils made out of real Jabon wood and purposely made to be the best writing or drawing pencils for professionals or beginners who love to sketch. With 3 different shapes of wooden pencil envelope : round, hexagonal and triangle; also with or without an eraser at the end of the pencil, they are designed to meet your customer’s needs and preferences.

MACS Coloring Pencil

Our coloring pencils are fun to work and play with! Made out of real wood, we sanded and ironed each coloring pencil to eliminate small wood fragments. Non toxic coating and treatment is added to make our coloring pencils a safe and perfect mate for all your coloring need. So go ahead and make your presentation more colorful.
Bring your coloring pencils home and play with your children. Introduce the world of color and differences to them. Show them how a few differences can fit together harmoniously.
With three different shapes: round, hexagonal, and triangle, our pencils are created to fit your specific comfort grip.